Extend your Uniface investments by updating your apps with new features and functionality

 We help customers enhance their existing applications by adding new features and functionality. Extending applications will increase their value to the business.
Our experience in extending application functionality is vast, projects range from adding small enhancements to existing application through to adding new modules. 
Notable examples of adding new functionality include:
- compliance with new or changed legislation
- ensuring Uniface apps are supporting current business practices
- Performance and response times are optimal


 Existing applications can be refreshed to increase productivity, functionality and user experience. 

Client server modernization: Recent Uniface versions provide functionality to transform applications to a modern look and feel. 

Modernizing web applications: Newer technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript provide new functional and visual capabilities. 

Enhancing applications by adding mobile and web functionality: We can develop native or hybrid progressive apps for mobile devices and solve the challenges around end user app distribution. 

UX/UI Design: We provide guidelines and advice on modernizing applications, considering UX best practices, user requirements, product constraints and so forth.


Connect with external technologies

Can can help simplify the complexities of connecting multiple technologies.
Our technology experts have the skills and experience to integrate applications, no matter what technology they are developed in or where they are installed.
We help customers combine on-premise and cloud technologies, including solving challenges around security and access. 


Minimize risk by using supported versions of Uniface

 Software Imaging provides assistance to help customers move to newer versions of Uniface.
It is important customers use supported versions of Uniface to remain fully supported and secure.
The services we provide range from general advice and guidance through to a complete version upgrade. 


Industry change and trends force changes in the technologies we use for our applications.

Areas where we provide assistance include: 

Changing deployment technologies such as hardware platforms, operating systems or databases. 

Move to the cloud from traditional on-premise deployment. 

Introducing new technology and tools to existing development projects. 

We help customers move, minimize risk and maximize business value.


Development and deployment support across the entire technology stack

Software Imaging provides support for projects throughout the application life cycle.
Our services range from emergency application support to planned maintenance.
We have the experience to ensure ongoing collaboration with existing processes and procedures.


Remote and onsite training and mentoring

We provide training services to customers around the world.
Our approach is to providing a flexible solution to training requirements, ensuring we provide maximum value. 


Uniface advice, help and advice.

We are fully aware that customers with skilled resources still require additional resources.
Working with key stakeholders, we provide consultancy to help progress projects, explore options, or give an experienced opinion.